Bird flu could cause humanitarian crisis care for people infected with deadly H1N1 virus in Europe and Africa, scientists warn Read more

“We believe this 카지노 사이트is an ongoing outbreak,” said Dr Daniel Jager, of the GSK Centre for Molecular and Cell Biology in Cambridge, UK. The virus has also been spreading in Africa and India.

“The spread of the virus is continuing into the African context … there are also reports of people in China and other parts of the world being infected.

“These reports are consistent with H1N1 being the source of the current outbreak, although there is still no defin바카라itive link between it and other recent cases in Africa.”

Scientists have been struggling to diagnose the virus as of late, partly because of its extremely complex protein sequences that are difficult to get an accurate sense of. They believe that the virus is mostly contained in bats and birds, although “the viruses in mammals have been around for a long time”.

While the majority of cases have been in humans, it is believed there are some other species that carry the virus.

“I don’t know where they got it from, because this virus has been present in animals and we can’t say that it came from humans. I guess we’re the only ones to have seen it,” said Jager.

“There is the potential of having H1N1 coming back to humans, but because there is so little information about the virus it’s harder to draw any firm conclusions.

“We have seen it from animal studies, it’s likely to be a seasonal strain,” he said.

“But we also have animal studies which support the idea that it’s not as common as initially thought.

“So now we’re looking at whether this is spread by contact with infected animals, by birds – but to our knowledge there’s just been very little in terms of specific human cases, and a general view that there are many unknown unknowns that need to be investigated.”

As the new H1N1 strain is still not yet on the WHO’s list of currently confirmed cases, it is likely that the risk of infection among those in India and China is low. There are no reports of deaths reported as a result of the latest wave of virus, so it is not a major public health worry.

However, even if the disease did find its way to humans in this fashion it could not be ruled out, as H1N1 is a highly lethal disease. In the event of an infected indivi카지노 사이트dual dyin