Barnawartha north two men shot counterterrorism police officers in their squad car

Barnawartha north two men shot counterterrorism police officers in their squad car

Police say the shooting took place in the same apartment complex as the two terror suspects killed in recent days

‘This happened after they came into our police precinct and they had a conversation with us. I’m going to say it loud and clear: That’s the last straw.’

Speaking on the radio on Thursday, Commissioner Ray Kelly said police ‘want to get this out of there’.

He added that he was not going to call thegospelhitz sh바카라ooting ‘domestic terrorism’ or call it domestic violence.

‘This is domestic te더킹카지노rrorism.’

The suspect who is being held hostage by two police officers is armed with a gun

But Kelly went further, telling CNN he believed the incident was a’shootout between police and the suspects’.

He said he did not believe the shooters were acting under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Two of the officers – a male and female – suffered non-life-threatening injuries while the other was left with a gash to his head.

He added: ‘I do believe they acted under the influence of some kind of drug.

‘Our chief medical examiner has confirmed. Our chief coroner has confirmed. My understanding is that is why he’s not dead and that’s why he got shot.’

Kelly added: ‘When you have a police officer shot, the people with the gun don’t know what hit them.’

Officers believe the two were ‘trying to kill them’ and are investigating further reports of shots fired

The incident began at about 7.35am (UK time) when two officers responded to reports of an armed man on a street corner.

They responded to calls about a domestic dispute in the 12th Street area of Wawa and a woman believed to be the suspect was in a car driving a white Honda Accord.

‘After the initial two officers took one hostage, we were able to negotiate an exit and the vehicle was taken into custody,’ Mr Kelly said.

The suspect held hostage by three of the officers was taken to a hospital for treatment.

‘We believe he was the one who shot the police. They were trying to kill him.’

Chief of Police Larry O’Connor was asked on a radio show on Thursday if his department is calling the shooting ‘domestic terrorism’ and if it’s domestic violence.

He said he couldn’t speak specifically about the suspect’s motivations but said it is very likely domestic terrorism.

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